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Origins of Covid 19 - New analysis

Posted by Brian Michaels | Jul 08, 2021 | 0 Comments

Over the course of the last few months I have been trying to find time, now that my law firm has re-opened to address the vast amounts of research I have conducted over the last year and a half and have asked, encouraged and plead with people in my profession to begin to take a hard look at the evidence, that is readily available to anyone with a laptop and a modem, that the source of Covid 19 was indeed the Wuhan Institute of Virology in an effort to begin a process to hold those responsible for whatever mishap occurred there that has now lead to the deaths of over 600,000 Americans and nearly 4 million people on Earth.

These efforts have been met with insults, threats, and putdowns largely by people in my sphere who identify themselves as liberal, or affiliated with the Democratic Party, despite the fact that I am a life long Democrat. It has become painfully obvious that the politics surrounding this factual debate are so thick and distortive that otherwise intelligent and thoughtful people have been rendered blind.There continues to be the desire by certain factions in this country to deflect or divert away from this evidence trail purely because it was a theory at one time espoused by Donald Trump, a former US President who left office nearly 7 months ago.

Media outlets in this country who made their living on Donald Trump's every moronic word are scrambling for relevancy in the post-Trump world by continuing on with their non stop Trump obsessed rants rather than cover the actual world that we are living in today. This leaves truth available only to those who care to go and look for it. Despite being labeled a Trump apologist and other foul things including a suggestion that I was somehow aiding Nazis by publishing I continue to ask for vigilance. My politics are as left of center as anyone's and the suggestion that this is a politically motivated opinion is nothing more than gas lighting.

To that end, I offer again this brief and updated analysis of the evidence that supports the case, a case that needs to now be brought by lawyers, that COVID 19 was 100 percent man made, that it was created by scientists in the Wuhan Institute of Virology using funding directly and indirectly from the United States National Institute of Health.

As far back as the early 2000s, both the US Government as well as China and other governments were engaged in what is now known as Gain of Function research. The stated aim of Gain of Function is to take a virus that exists or existed in nature, and to genetically engineer or modify it to make that pathogen more deadly to humans. As the knowledge and skill increased since the early 2000s, the skills and sophistication of the scientists performing this kind of research has similarly increased over the years.

Several events put gain of function research into a top priority for US Researchers and the US NIH. The Discovery of the Sars 1 virus in China in the early 2000s and the latter discovery of the Mers virus on the Arabian Peninsula are oft cited as the seminal events that lead to a massive expansion of gain of function research. World events at the time also propelled science to look more at the use of pathogens as weapons, particularly in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks against the United States.

In the United States there were several controversial experiments being done in the late 2000s and into the Mid – 2000s that lead to a scientific backlash against gain of function research in the United States. Hundreds of scientists penned a document in 2014 directed at the US Government demanding that it stop participating in dangerous gain of function research as the risk in their eyes, of this kind of work far outweighed any benefit, and could someday cause the pandemic science maintained these experiments were meant to prevent.

In one controversial experiment researchers at the University of Wisconsin aerosolized a deadly bird flu giving it abilities it did not have before to infect human populations. The justification was to allow scientists to create vaccines or treatments for these experimental pathogens in case they do arise, or at least that has been the stated defense of these experiments. Others in science were forced to plead with the researchers to not publish the results of their work for fear that bad actors would learn their methods.

Finally, in 2014 the US Government acceded to demands to end this research on US soil and banned it. This ban did not stop several influential and powerful science brokers from continuing on with the practice in what was an attempted clandestine attempt to continue to use US funds on foreign soil in order to end run this ban.

In 2015 the U.S NIH, headed by Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci sent a grant of $3.7 million dollars to a shell organization known as Eco Health Alliance, to continue to conduct research on Bat Corona Viruses in China which expressly included live virus experimentation and manipulation as expressly set out in the NIH's own grant; this was Gain of Function research. Funds were dispersed each and every calendar year to Eco Health Alliance who was conducting its research, in part, at the Wuhan Institute of Virology from 2015 to 2020 when the grant was cut off after it was exposed.

In December of 2019, as well all now know, a new Corona virus was identified by the Chinese Government and the WHO named COVID 19 which broke out in the very city housing the Wuhan Institute of Virology; which at the time of the outbreak, housed well over 15,000 samples of corona viruses from Bats and other mammalian hosts. The Chinese government, the lab, and Eco health alliance chaired by Peter Daszak immediately disavowed any connection to Covid 19 and all blamed a nearby Wet Market as the source of the disease.

Within months that back-story was proven to be a fraud by the British Medical Journal the Lancet, yet it continued to be reported as the source of the outbreak for months on end into the ongoing Pandemic by the western media. China now admits that only half of the cases first identified as sourcing from the Wet Market could be traced there, meaning that animals didn't bring Covid 19 to humans, but humans brought it to animals.

China could similarly identify no animals at that market infected with anything resembling Covid 19. Recently the Lancet has reported a new theory doubling down on the initial Wet Market smoke screen by insisting the breakout came from multiple wet markets though it fails to identify any animals or direct evidence of Covid 19 at any such market. The leading author of that paper is Peter Daszak, the loudest and most conspicuous voice denying that Covid 19 was man made. This paper similarly offers up no evidence of Covid in nature, merely more smoke meant to detract from the trail.

For much of 2020, most people in the U.S, including myself, didn't so much as bat an eye at the so-called lab leak story, pun intended, because of the heavy politics infused in the story and the lack of any hard evidence that can confirm it, short of the bad behavior of China. But that has now changed. This changed for me and many people who were looking at the Pandemic with suspicion when the WHO sent a team of researchers, to China to discover the source of Covid 19 in early 2021.

That panel included at least 50 percent of its members from China and more suspiciously the one scientist on Earth with the most to lose if the investigation were to turn to the lab; Peter Daszak. The WHO trip to China was a sham. These so called researchers did not even go to the two most likely sources of the Pandemic; the Wuhan Lab, and the caves and villages in Southern China where this pandemic proximally should have broken out from and did not.

Lets stop here because this is the singular point, which got my attention at the beginning of the Pandemic. When Covid 19 broke out China's leading researcher on Bat Corona Viruses and head of the Wuhan Lab declared that her lab did not have COVID 19 and only had a distant cousin to it in their stock, which they labeled Ratg13. I believed it, but at the same time something was very off. The Ratg viral specimen only emerged from the Lab's database after the discovery of Covid 19 and its my view that this virus was simply a part of the smoke screen and had no relationship to Covid 19, which is exactly why the Chinese published it. It was too distant of a relative to Covid for science to make it leap, on paper, into Covid 19.

On further inquiry it seemed clear that in order for this disease, as I understood it, to break out of the Northern Chinese City of Wuhan, you necessarily needed two things to have happened in order for the lab's cover story to square with logic. The species of Bat involved in Covid 19 was a Chinese Horesehoe Bat. These bats live in the wild only in the tropical Southern Chinese Provinces and not in the North where Covid 19 broke out.

Similarly, the analysis by the lab and the scientific community at the time also required another mammal; a Pangolin, to be present in the wild or a market at some time in the distant past which combined itself with Bat Corona Virus and then created a jump to humans, and the world via Wuhan China. That is essentially what China, The WHO, Peter Daszak, and until recently, Anthony Fauci would have had us believe. The US media continues to hang onto this nonsensical theory of animal spillover and these are the necessary ingredients to make that happen.

The Chinese Pangolin is a mammal on the verge of extinction, which, like the Chinese Horseshoe Bat lives in the wild in Southern China and Southeast Asia. Neither animal is endemic to Northern China. Therefore any natural processes would have to take place in the wild thousands of miles away from Wuhan, China for it to fortuitously break out yards from these labs and there would still need to be some kind of proof of an animal source and of transportation of those animals to Wuhan, China. There remains no evidence of Covid bearing Bats from any source and no evidence of Covid bearing Pangolins in the wild. Genetically, Pangolin Covid is a full ten percentage points dissimilar from Covid 19.

The one place on Earth we do have evidence of both strains of these animal viruses is the Wuhan Institute of Virology. We also know from their conduct in and around the probable breakout event that the lab depublished all of their genetic sequences in September of 2019. Circumstantial evidence of a significant event in the lab arose again in October of 2019. In November of 2019 lab workers from the lab were hospitalized for "the Flu". By November of 2019 extrinsic evidence begins to emerge in Italy that the virus started to take root there and the earliest known European case now dates back to early December of 2019, a full 30 days before China admits they have the virus.

So convincing was the initial Chinese misinformation campaign that so many logical minds could not see that which was so clearly obvious. The Wuhan Lab engaged in years and years of field research in Southern China, directly in those places in which Covid 19 should have been breaking out. They collected tens of thousands of samples and mapped them and published them.This was their very purpose, and in all of the years of study and cataloguing and human testing did the WIV ever identify a virus that was structurally similar to Covid 19 nor did they have any reports of any human breakout in Southern China or neighboring countries prior to December of 2019. For that matter they never even so much as found one sick Pangolin to date. Not one.

The WIV conducted human serology in local villagers living proximate to caves containing Corona Virus carrying bats as recently as 2018. Many of the locals there already had Sars like antibodies in them, yet not one report of one single solitary human death was reported in all of the years that the WIV was tasked with the study and collection of Bat Corona Viruses in the field. They never reported anything that behaved or looked remotely like Covid 19. That is, until it broke out, meters from their laboratory.

Defenders of the spillover theory now largely remain those affiliated with Peter Daszak or those in the scientific community who cannot turn on or bite the hand of Anthony Fauci or the NIH. The US NIH in 2020 had a 60 Billion-Dollar budget. 90 percent of the NIH budget is sourced out to scientists abroad, several of which I spoke to personally, who could not have their name associated with this research for fear of their budgets being cut, by the US NIH.

Several recently released studies including one from an Australian group, another by geneticist Yuri Deigin and several other papers suppressed in the early days of the Pandemic seem to be coalescing around a similar hypothesis that appears to be 100 percent credible and in my view and the view of others willing to speak about it; probable.

China fused one of its many Bat Corona Viruses in the lab with a newly acquired Pangolin Corona Virus; probably a Malayan Pangolin, and tied it together with a synthetic man made Furin Cleavage site of the type that could best have been built using the techniques acquired from US Scientists, and Robert Baric in particular.

The Pangolin Covid would have been the optimal animal to fuse bat bourne Sars with to turn Sars into the killing machine that Covid 19 is. Researchers have identified Pangolin Covid as having the proper mechanisms necessary to potentially infect humans, something that the Bat bourne viruses had little ability to do on their own, without some kind of a "boost".

In 2015 the United States virologist; Roger Baric conducted a gain of function experiment in the United States, despite the ban, in conjunction with Shi Zhengli the head of the Wuhan Lab. That study created a genetically engineered Sars virus; the goal of which was to make Sars more infectious to humans. In this experiment US and Chinese researchers used mice to try to amplify the effects of Sars in the lab. The results were less than optimal.

What was important in this study is that here the WiV would have necessarily learned techniques it may not have previously had, that would have showed them how to genetically engineer Sars virus without leaving a sign of human manipulation. More significant about this experiment is that occurred in the United States at a time when this research had been banned. Baric and Shi needed to obtain an exemption and permission to conduct it. They obtained that consent from Anthony Fauci of the US NIH.

Dr. Baric is one of only a handful of Virologists in the world who has the skill to create such a virus leaving little to no human trace which would later be a key fact in determining that the Wuhan lab had all the ingredients as well as the skill set to create an engineered Sars Virus with the ability to kill millions of humans in a short period of time, and is actually evolving oppositely of the way a naturally occurring virus should behave. It is certainly not behaving in any way consistent with Sars 1.

It also did not escape me that the Chinese cover story developed almost immediately around its own wet markets and specifically around the alleged third party mammal, the Pangolin. China shut down the Wuhan wet market within two days of the announcement of Covid 19 and all evidence there was also destroyed.  The only evidence to date that connects Pangolins to Covid would have been within the construct of Covid 19 itself. China had either purposefully or intentionally already prepared its back story by blaming the Pangolin because they used the Pangolin virus to build Covid 19. Ergo, it was an easy sell.

The  justification to conduct gain of function research was allegedly to create drugs and vaccines, in the event of a pandemic. Sars killed only 8000 people and went away without any human medical intervention whatsoever. Mers killed less and also went away, both viruses proving to be not especially hardy and very temperamental to environment. I find this explanation for the research to be dubious at best.

Yet in less than 15 years the spillover folks would have us believe that this barely efficient fully respiratory disease morphed into a killing machine overnight, one that infects virtually every organ and system in the human body and there remains absolutely zero evidence of this disease in any animal on the planet now or ever; let alone one in Wuhan, China in the months leading up to the explosion of Covid 19.

So how were so many people fooled? First, many people in science were not fooled. They were silenced or not published until now. Multiple studies conducted at different times and places on the globe are coalescing around what is known as the Furin Cleavage Site on the virus as evidence of the hand or technique of Roger Baric, combined with the other ingredients the WIV would have needed to build Sars; live bat sars virus and live Pangolin Sars virus. The WIV had all of these ingredients in 2019.

Why would they have done this? There are two theories. The first is that this was simply an extension of the US Based research from 2015 meant to improve Sars lethality to protect against another pandemic, or maybe something worse. Both the US and China have stated biological weapons programs. It's hard to imagine that with their unique skill sets Doctors Baric and Li would not have been utilized for the production or defense against biological weapons.

If a country were looking for a pathogen that could wreak havoc in an enemy's camp, is there anything more efficient than Covid 19? Assuming this was accidental, imagine if it were to be used conventionally with the intent to disrupt another nations fighting ability. Covid 19 would be especially ideal. It's essentially a stealth virus, something Sars and Mers were not, has no cure and had no vaccine and overwhelms medical infrastructures. For this I posit only a logical theory.

The rest of the elements of the creation of Covid 19 are all there. The Furin Cleavage Site that contains 4 phantom amino acids not found in any other Corona Virus mapped so far seems to be Covid 19's tell that it was in fact a manufactured virus. This was exactly what Baric and Li were doing at the time US research was shut down. Its not a stretch to suggest they were continuing this line of work only now using mammals that clearly would not have been available under US Law as this country would have never allowed experimentation using endangered animals.

The spillover folks say there is no evidence here of a man made virus. Covid 19's properties by itself are all the evidence one needs. Multiple papers from Australia, Canada. Taiwan, The US, Scandinavia and India all identify the same anomalies in the Covid 19 virus; the Furin Cleavage Site; as the mechanism responsible for human infection, as being unnatural, and we have 4 million dead in 18 months from a virus with no known relative in nature that broke out a couple hundred yards from the only lab on the planet whose mission it is to collect, study and modify these viruses.

There is a collective cognitive dissonance going on amongst my friends and relatives on the left here in this country that is preventing this debate. Its as if their very world view will be shattered if they have to entertain the notion, yet to be proven, that the US Government, the NIH and Anthony Fauci may have had a hand in the creation of this virus.

They would rather hear no evil and see no evil. This discussion cant even go forward independently it seems without the need to diatribe people's own Trumpian paranoias, despite the fact that the man has been out of office for 7 months and the evidence based discussion has nothing to do with politics.

The evidence seems clear as day but the lack of any aggressive governmental investigation; one that should be headed and overseen by outside lawyers and not members of Congress, is not happening and this is what we need to resolve this for history. This is something that should already be a DOJ investigation and it is not. This is a tragedy.

Science has gone as far as they can with this. The vital evidence to prove the scientific case has been destroyed, by China. For most logical minds this conduct by China should in and of itself be persuasion enough. Its not. Scientists with the guts to speak up are. Many can't because our own NIH butters their bread. It's for Lawyers to pick up the torch now. The case against the WIV and potentially our own NIH wont be proven in a test tube. It can only be proven in a courtroom.

To that end, the phrase "conspiracy theory" is loosely thrown around by pundits and journalists in support of their position that this evidence is part of some fringe effort to prop up right wing political figures and their agenda. It is a statement of fact that members of our government in the Republican party support the view that China spilled Covid 19. There is most definitively a Conspiracy but the phrase as used properly by lawyers is this:

An agreement between two or more people to commit an illegal act, along with an intent to achieve the agreement's goal.  Most U.S. jurisdictions also require an overt act toward furthering the agreement.  An overt act is a statutory requirement, not a constitutional one. See Whitfield v. United States, 453 U.S. 209 (2005). The illegal act is the conspiracy's "target offense."

There are more complex definitions of the word conspiracy but to simplify it, in the law, a conspiracy is nothing more than an agreement between two or more parties to do a bad thing. Now that bad thing can be something as serious as a criminal felony or it can be something less serious as in a civil conspiracy. Criminal conspirators go to prison if found guilty. Civil conspirators would have to pay money. This is the simplest way to define the term properly.

I have not even begun to address the potential criminal liabilities of the US actors here. It is a foregone conclusion that the Chinese actors involved will never see a day of their lives in a US jail; although many of them have found their way into Chinese jails for speaking up on the issue. Some have just flat out disappeared. A justice department investigation should be commenced to determine if any US laws were broken.

On the civil side of the analysis one could state a claim for Civil Conspiracy alleging 600,000 cases of wrongful death if the factual nexis can be made in a civil court where the burden of proof is a simple preponderance of the evidence. Claims for lost property and business destruction would appear proper. It would not be necessary to prove up a conspiracy here but definitionally its not difficult to make the case that two or more people acted together to subvert stated US policy in order to continue gain of function research using American funds to construct the worlds deadliest pathogen in a Chinese laboratory. It would be for a jury to decide if laws were broken.

As a trial lawyer and former prosecutor one of the strongest jury instructions in my tool belt is the one that speaks to the credibility of witnesses. That instruction allows a lawyer to ask jurors to give strong weight to the parties motivations to lie, their intent, their opportunity to commit the bad act along with any bias or prejudice they may have. Given the stakes for the potential actors involved here consider strongly the motivations here by the players involved to lie. Criminal penalties. Massive financial casualties. The very future and credibility of Science may in fact may be in the hearts and minds of the actors here.

Or maybe we should just keep looking for the Pangolin.....


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