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Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders

Our office specializes in all aspects of both Criminal and Family Law Domestic Violence case representation. Often times people accused of and arrested for Criminal Domestic Violence are similarly facing Civil Restraining Orders either in the Family Court or in the Civil Courts for Domestic Violence. As defense attorneys we have years of experience representing people facing these kinds of accusations.

Criminal Domestic Violence convictions can have long reaching and hard-hitting impact including long probationary terms, heavy fines and lengthy classes even for minor offenses. These convictions can wreak havoc on personal lives, jobs and families. Our firm aggressively defends cases of Domestic Violence, which can be charged in the Penal Code under Section 273.5, 243(e) or 242. More serious cases can be charged as Felonies and can result in lengthy prison terms.

Civil and Family Law Domestic Violence Restraining Orders also have significant impacts on people's lives. Our firm both defends as well as prosecutes Domestic Violence Restraining Orders in the Family Courts and with our experience, as criminal trial lawyers believe we are powerful advocates in the Family Courts. Attorney Michaels is a former Domestic Violence Prosecutor and if you are a victim of Domestic Violence you could not have a stronger advocate if you are sadly a victim of Domestic Violence.

Similar to Domestic Violence Restraining Orders are Civil Harassment orders. The primary difference between these two orders is the relationship of the parties. Domestic Violence Orders arise between co-habitants, spouses and family members and are often brought in the context of Divorce cases wherein Civil Harassment Orders encompass a broad range of relationships from neighbors to total strangers.

These are very different kinds of proceedings and orders than what occurs in the Criminal Court. Penalties here are less severe, however the penalty for violating an order like this can and often does result in your accuser having the ability to put you in jail at almost any time for even the smallest of infractions to the order. For this and many other reasons if you are served with one of these orders you want to take it seriously. As with Domestic Violence Orders our office also files and prosecutes these orders on behalf of our clients as well.

The last type of Restraining Order our office litigate are Elder Abuse cases, which also often involve Orders that result in restraint. Our office both brings and defends these cases for our clients as well. Our office is working using virtual tools 24 hours a day 7 days a week during the current court shutdown on these cases. While most criminal cases are being delayed due to the Corona virus crisis most Counties are hearing Restraining Order cases on an emergency basis and we are available to assist on these matters now and at any time. Please call or use this site to contact Attorney Michaels and he will respond immediately.

We our handling these cases now in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Diego Counties and stand ready to assist you.

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