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Status of Edward Furlong Arrest 1/15/13

Posted by Brian Michaels | Jan 15, 2013 | 0 Comments

Status of Edward Furlong Arrest

My office was retained in 2012 to represent Edward Furlong in a pending Probation Violation hearing at the Van Nuys Branch of the Los Angeles Superior Court. He had been placed on Probation as a result of a family law dispute that resulted in an unfortunate plea bargain, which we did not participate in. He plead to several counts of violating a court order in a case that was in fact a family law dispute that was escalated to a criminal proceeding by the City Attorney.

At the Probation Violation hearing the City Attorney was seeking substantial jail time and after taking evidence the court found a technical violation of Probation and, to the City Attorney's disappointment, sanctioned Mr. Furlong with 5 days of Cal Trans work instead of the jail term the City was seeking. My office was re-engaged to handle a new Probation Violation, arising out of the same case, again lodged by the Los Angeles City Attorney and that matter is set for hearing in February.

We recently learned that the Los Angeles District Attorney had filed a fresh criminal case against Mr. Furlong at the Beverly Hills Branch of the Los Angeles District Attorney. My office had been in communication with both prosecuting agencies in an attempt to resolve these matters in a way that satisfied all the parties involved including, and especially my client. We just learned about Mr. Furlong's new arrest yesterday and have no information about the charges or the facts behind that case at this time. As we learn more about this incident we will respond to general questions only about the proceedings.

Mr. Furlong is advised not to give any statements to the press or any third person about any of these cases. While Mr. Furlong has a public record of minor run ins with law enforcement there is absolutely nothing either in my own dealings with him, or in his history to suggest that Mr. Furlong is violent or physically abusive in any way. At this stage in the proceedings, these remain accusations from an unnamed accuser.

We would hope the media would respect Mr. Furlong's privacy at this time. All inquires about the case can be directed to our office at (310) 991-9179.

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