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Case Management and Fees

We start managing your case from the first phone call. Mr. Michaels offers a one time free 45 minute phone consult on any case. Unlike most firms your first contact with the firm will most times be with attorney Michaels directly. He prides himself on being available for new and existing clients personally and at most hours of the day. One of the primary issues defense attorneys deal with is managing their clients fears, putting them at ease and providing accurate information. We strive to do all those things at all times.

No matter when you contact our firm you will get a direct and accurate and timely response from our firm. Most cases come to us after someone has been arrested and before they go to court, though in some cases we are contacted by someone who has a relative who is incarcerated and in need of representation after a case has begun. We can represent you or your loved one at any stage of the proceedings.

In all cases you will be required to sign a written retainer agreement for services as required by law. If you have not yet been to court, whether your case be a misdemeanor or a felony, your will first be arraigned which is typically a brief appearance in which your not guilty plea will be entered, the police reports will be disclosed and any bail issues will be addressed.

From there the track of a criminal case changes depending on whether you were charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. A felony case will require a Preliminary Hearing to determine if the District Attorney has enough evidence to bring you to trial. There is no such procedure in a misdemeanor case. After arraignment, every further appearance in a misdemeanor case is deemed a pre-trial until the case resolves by plea or by trial.

Under California Law, the Prosecutor has an obligation to bring your case to trial in a speedy manner. However the vast majority of cases will take months and in some cases years to resolve by plea or trial depending on the complexity of the case.

Our time is focused on working up a thorough investigation while the final stage of a criminal case is pending; the trial.

In restraining order and family law cases in most instances you will be offered a flat fee over an hourly fee. Since attorney Michaels comes from a Criminal Background flat fees are more common there. This almost always enures to the benefit of the client. Most attorneys litigating Restraining Order cases are Family Lawyers by training and we think that gives us a great advantage both in skill and in what you may pay for a law firm. 

If you speak Spanish only call Attorney Brian Michaels and indicate to him you are Spanish Speaking and you will be contacted by our Spanish Language Paralegal.

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