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He made the impossible possible!

“I am quite confident that NO ONE could have helped us more than Brian Michaels. I feel very fortunate to have found him. My son had gotten a speeding ticket once on his way to the airport to pick me up. Since I was living in Houston while he was in college in LA, we hired someone to represent him for this ticket. Unfortunately, that didn't happen....and when my intuition prompted me to check on the ticket status 2 years later, (I never heard a word from these people)... I was shocked to find out what had happened! I wasn't very encouraged either after researching possible options AND being told by someone at the court that it would not be possible to get what we wanted! But Mr. Brian Michaels made the impossible POSSIBLE and we got exactly what we wanted! My son and I are extremely happy with his work and I would highly recommend him especially if you ever feel you are in a hopeless situation!”

– Babbs

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